Replacements and parts for Federal Pioneer type H1, H2, HL2, H3 & HL3 circuit breakers and SP1, SP2 & Pl switch

Federal Pioneer
Circuit Breakers & Parts
We supply replacements and parts for the Federal Pioneer type H1, H2, HL2, H3 and HL3 circuit breakers as well as the SP1, SP2 and Pl switches.

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Original and replacement Federal Pacific circuit breakers, equipment and parts
Federal Pacific Equipment has been purchased by Circuit Breaker Sales Company

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Phone: 704-882-0106

We DO NOT provide stab-lok breakers, panels, heating systems, or parts for residential applications.
We deal strictly with industrial power systems.
If you have questions about the Stab-lok line of residential breakers please see article at the following link regarding Stab-Lock safety update.
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